Help us catch bad guys with math.

We use big data and advanced behavioural analytics to detect and prevent the theft of intellectual property...simply put, we catch bad guys with math. We are a fast-paced, all hands-on deck kind of environment where you are respected and listened to from day one.  We started as Interset and we are now a part of Micro Focus, so we have a startup feel within the stability and structure of a large global company. We hire people with a wide scope of knowledge and experience that want to jump into self-organizing, cross-functional teams.  We manage our own schedules, we support our teammates, and we always make time for fun.

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Big Data Engineer - Analytics
  • Ottawa, Canada
Software Developer - Search and API
  • Ottawa, Canada

Perks & Benefits

  • Vibrant Feel of a Startup
  • Stability of a Global Company
  • Flexible Work Environment
  • Great Office Location
  • RRSP Matching Program
  • Generous Paid Time Off

At the end of the day, our algorithms, mighty big-data-handling architecture, and clever user interface come together for one single purpose: to stop malicious actors. That “gotcha!” moment—the one that inspires so many investigators and bounty hunters—fuels my motivation. This is why I do what I do.

Maria Pospelova
Senior Data Scientist, Team Lead

A lot of us have analytics and security backgrounds and have at one point or another looked at other amazing technology companies being created and thought, “What’s so special about them? Why not here? Why not us?” In response, we’ve buckled down and built an industry-leading cybersecurity analytics tool that we’re all incredibly proud of.

Josh Mahonin
Senior Technical Architect

Cybersecurity is a challenging space where the growth in data due to technology advances (DLP, firewalls, etc.) has mostly outstripped the growth of algorithms and computing power to deal with that data. I believe we’re turning the corner with advanced security analytics maturing to the point where it can make sense of all that data, and help make analysts more efficient in the future.

Roy Wilds
Principal Data Scientist

I feel honored to be working at Interset for two very important reasons: the team, and the mission. Team: this is not only the strongest technical team I've ever seen assembled under a single roof, this is also the nicest. I have never seen so many smart people, who will support each other and have each other's backs, but also have so much fun in the process. Mission: "We catch bad guys with math" is not just a tag line, it's true. I have been told by a customer that we've literally saved lives with our software by protecting sensitive personal information from being stolen or hacked, and I've seen several examples of our software detecting attacks for other customers that would have gone unnoticed otherwise. We are doing societal good.

Stephan Jou
Chief Technology Officer